About Us

Vidarbha News Express is an online web portal and e-newsletter, and we are working to reach our readers with a number of readers. Vidarbha News Express is a web portal extending to six districts of Vidarbha. Through this, we are trying to send news and advertisement to Vidarbha and also around the world. Our web portal is working 24 hours a day and regular efforts are being made to reach your events and other news to readers quickly. Currently there is a world of social media and the readership of Vidarbha News Express is based on Lakhan.
Vidarbha News Express, an online web portal and e-newsletter, has become very popular in the short run, giving readers a lot of new news and news regularly. Vidarbha News Express is providing the facility of FM radio listening to jobs, horoscopes and the world's FM radio. Through U - Tube channel, live interviews of celebrities of various fields, special news, live shows. We have an intent to implement a new product in the future. So today, download our vnx marathi news from the application Google Play Store and learn about unlimited news and updates.